Facebook Integrates Dropbox File-Sharing Within Facebook Groups

Add files from Dropbox to Facebook Groups

Facebook announced today a new integration with personal file storage company Dropbox. Now, people can share files to Facebook Groups using Dropbox’s cloud-based storage system.

Dropbox said the new feature will roll out starting Wednesday. Facebook users will know if they have the feature when they click “Add File” on a Facebook Group if they see an option that says “From Your Dropbox.”

If you do have that option, click it, and you’ll be prompted to sign into your Dropbox account. You’ll also be asked permission to link your Dropbox and Facebook accounts.

Once you’ve completed the setup, you’ll be able to upload files straight from Dropbox at “lightning speed,” the cloud storage company said in a news release.

More instructions for setting up the new feature can be found at Dropbox.

Facebook tells us that this does not replace the current ability to upload files from your computer to Groups. This just opens up the ability for people to upload files that they already have stored in the cloud to Groups — as long as they are stored in Dropbox.

It’s a smart move for Facebook to stay totally focused on its core mission of being the social infrastructure of the web. It’s also a big coup for Dropbox, which will now have lucrative exposure to Facebook’s huge user base. It’s my understanding at the moment that there are no plans for Facebook to integrate to other cloud storage services — so this serves as a big testament to how much Facebook is trusting Dropbox’s technology.


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