Screenleap for Gmail

Screenleap for Gmail Offers One-Click Screen Sharing from Your Inbox or Google Contacts

The Screenleap browser extension for Gmail allows you to start sharing your screen without leaving Gmail. You can initiate screen sharing in three different ways:

Share Screen Button

Click on the “Share screen” button below the “Compose” button in Gmail. An email with the share link will automated be populated for you to make it easier to invite viewers.

Contact Profile

Move your cursor over a contact’s name and click the “Share screen” button for the contact. If the contact is online, a Google Chat window will be open for the contact and auto-populated with the share link. If the contact is offline, we will automatically email a link to the contact.

Google Chat

Click on the screen share icon in the Google Chat window. This option allows you to quickly start sharing with a contact you are already chatting with.


  1. Click this button to add Screenleap to Gmail: Add to Chrome
  2. When the window below appears, click “Add”.
  3. Refresh your Gmail page or open Gmail in a new tab and you should see a share button below the “Compose” button. You’ll also see Screenleap integrated into Google Chat both when you hover over a name, and in the conversation window.Gmail with Screenleap Extenstion

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