Simple Advice for Better Weight Training

Not everyone has a ton of time or interest for weight training. However, The New York Times suggests that the one exercise everyone should work into their daily routine is squats.

If You Only Do One Type of Weight Training, Do Squats

Speaking with Stuart Phillips at McMaster University in Ontario, he explains why the squat is the one weight training exercise everyone should do:

“For many of us, weight training is a mysterious and intimidating activity. People often ask me if they really need to lift weights. And if so, do they need to lift heavy weights? What is a heavy weight? People also ask if weight lifting will make them bulky — and often wonder whether, if they already regularly run, walk, swim or cycle, they need to lift weights at all?”

To learn more about the latest science and practice of weight training watch the Video by the physiology department at McMaster University in Ontario, where scientists are closely studying the effects of weight lifting on the human body and trying to determine how each of us can optimize our time in the gym.


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