Pig Toolbox for Chrome

Pig Toolbox is a Chrome extension that features a bunch of different functions all rolled into one simple extension.

Pig Toolbox for Chrome
This extension dramatically will help to save the memory. And it is much more convenient than before in using Chrome.
Chrome 9 and later version support. Some features supports Windows only.

Here’s a list of cool things this Extension can do:
*Google mail checker
*Mouse gestures,User defined shortcuts,Super Drag support
*Super Gesture (You can seamlessly use gesture in all Chrome pages. Windows only)
*Super one click,User defined Chrome context menu
*Fill login form
*Open current URL by IE (Windows only)
*Screenshot page – Screenshot visible part of this page or the entire page.
*YouTube tools – Search YouTube music video lyrics, Repeat play YouTube movie or music.
*Make short URL from long URL – goo.gl, j.mp support
*Allow right click – Enable right click or context menu when webpages disable it.
*Dictionary,translate – If you trigger mouse actions or shortcuts on a web page, It will search dictionary by selected word.
*Change font,color style – Change a page styling (colors, background color, fonts, flash, image etc.)
*Docs(pdf,doc,docx,ppt,pps,tiff) viewer
*Domain information (flag,map support)
*QR Code Generator

Download Pig Toolbox Here


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