Beware of the iPad 3 Scam

The world’s waiting for Apple to announce their new iPad 3 in San Frnacisco on March 7th 2012.

Journalists received invitations to join the event which further assured the public that this is guaranteed to be something to look out for. The invitation also contained the following image.

Apple iPad3

Apple's press invitation appeared to show a person using an iPad - possibly the new device

And with such a huge news comes the temptations from the spammers and scammers who trick the unsuspecting into clicking on their links, or completing their money-generating surveys, by offering the latest Apple product.. for FREE!.

And even though the iPad 3 hasn’t been release, nor does anyone know if it even exist yet (and who can forget the iPhone 5 scams that all looked a bit silly once Apple actually announced the iPhone 4S instead?) we are seeing plenty of Tweets and Facebook pages that are attempting to lure users into believing they can get one for FREE.

Free iPad Scams

Some of these pages, which have existed for months, are clearly up to no good

Chances are that we will see Apple announce an iPad 3 very soon, possibly next week. But don’t be fooled into believing there’s an easy way to get one for FREE as we all know how hard it is to actually purchase one.



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