Places to Countdown in Bangkok (2011)

Bangkok is like other major cities in the world where people welcome the new year with festinating New Year celebrations. Aside from spending time at home with your family and friends, you can enjoy your outdoor celebrations in many places such as  at Central World Plaza and  Saim Paragon this moment memorable ever.

Bangkok New Year’s Eve is usually filled with much joy and celebration. For this approaching 2011, Bangkok is a right place for you to take part in counting down to the New Year 2011 with a spectacular display of fireworks.fireworks while sharing this special moment with your beloved ones at the following areas:

Hands Bangkok Countdown 2011 at Central World Plaza

New Year 2011 Celebration at Central World Bangkok

Annually Central World Plaza holds the New Year celebration including this Hands Bangkok Countdown 2011 to be taken at the Central World Parking store on Ratchadumri Street in Ratshaprasongh square. If you prefer to have a great chill-out time with friends or lovers while enjoying the night filled with music and crowds, Central World Plaza is the right place for you.

This year’s specialties include 48 famous Thai singers performing on different stages such as Tata Young, Golf – Mike, K-OTIC, Rookie BB, Bow Sunita, Jack Black Jack, Ice Saranyu, Namcha Cheeranat, Peck Palitchoke, Ritz – Tono & Geng The Star 6, Natthew AF 5, Ben-Namkheng-Bum-Paprer & Boss AF 7, Dan Worrawetj, Four+Mod, 3.2.1, X.I.S and Tou Nopporn.s New Year 2011(3).jpg

In addition,you will have a good time with getting close to your popular actors and actresses from Thai Channel 7. Tons of people will undoubtedly stream to this place to make this moment memorable ever. So, don’t hesitate to grab the moment of happiness at Central World Plaza.

The program starts on December 31, 2010 at 06.00pm – 01.00 am on Janaury 1st, 2011.This will also be live on CHANNEL 7 and Channel TNN24 at 10:30 pm – 01.00 am and Channel True Music of Truevision channel number. 81 and at 06.00 pm – 01.00am.


Make A Wish Countdown 2011 at Siam Paragon

The Saim Paragon is not only a modern shopping mall in Bangkok but it will also make your 2011 New Year celebration become memorable and special than usual. You will be delighted with festinating decorations filled with colorful lights and elements while joining in a big crowd in front of live performances from 36 artists. You will be counting down together with your favorite singers such as Kanomjeen, Mila, Kiss Me Five, Swee:D, C-Quint, Neko Jump, Zen Tana, Black Vanilla, Wai P.O.I, Noey Chinyaarita, Kat-Pat, Am Fine, Cee Muntanawee and FFK.Artists at Siam Paragon's New Year 2011



So, come to the Park Paragon in front of the Siam Paragon on Praram Street No. 1 to make a wish together for the counting down to the year 2011 on December 31, 2010 starting from 5pm- 00.30am. You can also watch this on air on Thai Channel 3 at 10.30pm-00.30am and You Channel at 5pm-00.30am

Wherever you will celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Bangkok, your time will be full with fun and happiness to welcome the year 2011.


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