Rockmelt Social Web Browser

Ok so as promised, I told you people that I will be back (by Sunday 21st Nov 2010) and I did come back, faster than planned.

Ok straight to the point, I’ve got a new web browser to introduce to people who are hardcore facebook and twitter user, this browser is called RockMelt [website] and this is what it does

Facebook on RockMelt

ok so as you can see, from my uncropped, uncensored picture (I should have cleaned up a bit), Rockmelt adds 2 sidebars on the sides of your browser (that’s why its called sidebars). The one on the left will allow you to see friends who are online on facebook chat and u can click on them and chat with them (like I’m chatting with my friend who doesn’t know the difference between upload and download [she’s dating a computer science graduate]) and you have the option to click on the little star in the chat window (which I did) if you want to mark the person as  your top friend and they will show up on the star section of the chat bar (I still have to star alot of people so don’t complain if you’re not starred [i doubt if you would look at it hard enough])

Ok continue, on the right sidebar you will have what I call the update/feed buttons which will show you your 1. facebook feeds (live feed/news feed) like on your homepage (I don’t think the filters work but I think you should be able to set them up) and then you see your 2. facebook notifications (when people write on your wall, comment on your stuff, bla bla) 3. twitter feeds (which I just started using, my twitter was just for show till now) 4. you also have the option to add other feeds (try and figure out how it works)

Ok that’s pretty much it, I hope someone actually read this cos I took like 10 minutes to write it.

ok byeye see you sometime later

and in the mean time you all can Like me on Facebook to view the nice nice things I share with the world and also since it Loy Krathong you can also check out the Krathong making tips that I made with my coworkers on SATURDAY the 13th (of novemeber 2010)


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