Shout Out!

Hello Readers, Passerbys, and Random Stumblers,

This is pretty much my third attempt to blog, the first one was back in 2005 (1 year after graduating from tsis) which was like 3 post long and then I got bored (my life isn’t so interesting and I’m too lazy to do anything about it) *all those posts are migrated here Microsoft forced it upon me*

Then I had this journal on hi5 where I tried to keep track of all the trackworthy events in my life which eventually I ran out of again (I know sadd right) but then I moved out of hi5, it got weird, people stopped using it, moved to myspace and then to facebook, life got busy (with all the random things I do)

Then I started my facebook page Chan Narula where I didn’t really blog, I just shared stuff I found online which I thought was share worthy (and weekly manga updates) I also did a section for the quotes I wrote (though I still have to find my old collection and post them up, clean up the whole thing, pretty much redo it) and also random facts about myself. So on the whole that isn’t a blog but this one will be but it will be similar to that, I’ll be discussing what I put up there here. (oh and I have a twitter account which I don’t even remember the last time I used)

I also have a youtube channel or account or something that sort where I post vdos that I get from people through emails or something I just reupload stuff I find on other sites, most of them are funny stuff. However now I would like to take a step forward persuade by my friend Dipti and to a certain extend Sapna and the idea came from Manmeet and also through Pana’s weird makeup girl videos (I’ll have to ask her for a link to that lady’s channel) to start a vlog, but I haven’t really decided what to vlog about, so I guess whatever comes to my mind and if I have time I shall vlog. Mostly will be about scientific stuff, government stupidity, movies, sports (just being happy or sadd about resumes I’m not a pundit) and scientific stuff (I know I said that earlier but I stress on it, it’ll be a mind moulding educational vlog, I hope, with a lot of random fun stuff)

Ok so until my next post, which I hope won’t take so long (pretty much Sunday night) Byeye (I need to get a signing out line too)

PS. Happy Birthday Diptinder


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